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Cell phone jammers create a quiet environment


    About Cell phone jammers create a quiet environment

    Recently, many people use smart phones. Many people have the right to freedom of communication. Freedom of communication means that people have the right to freely use communication methods such as letters, telegrams, and telephones. However, there are abuses of this right. In a recent exam, I encountered a cheating problem while using my mobile phone. There are also phenomena such as using mobile phones to conduct wire transfer fraud in financial institutions. In many halls, it is common for cellphones to ring and interfere with viewing. In order to prevent the inconvenience caused by smart phone ringtones, it is necessary to promote public welfare, such as ensuring the quietness of a specific space. We allow the installation and operation of mobile phone jammers.

    In the fast-developing information age, the number of people using mobile phones is increasing. There is a problem with using the smartphone. It is necessary to provide a resting environment for patients. In addition, when entering a room with sophisticated medical equipment (such as an examination room), you need to turn off your mobile phone. Many people forget to cut it. It is necessary to take measures. Therefore, we will introduce a jammer that suppresses the communication function of hospital smartphones. The principle of this product is to intentionally shield the interference wave with the same frequency as the base station radio wave received by the mobile phone, suppress demodulation on the terminal side, and fail to communicate.

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